Rosie Butcher's Nola Wish List


Rosie Butcher is a Manchester-based photographer and blogger. With Christmas on the horizon, she was kind enough to share her thoughts on the gifts she would like to receive from our Northern Quarter store.

It always seems to be a few weeks before Christmas that I start to get calls and texts from family members calling for a chat and then subtly asking if there is anything I would like in particular as a gift from them, my boyfriend seems to pop to the shops twice a day and comes back empty handed, frowning! My mum rings claiming she’s finally found something but not sure if I will like it.

Even though I would say I’m pretty easy to buy for, this year I’ve decided to beat them all to it and save them some time by creating my own Christmas Wish List from Nola. A shop I've fallen in love with since it first opened in Manchester’s Northern Quarter in the summer.

Nola is a shop I pop in to a lot as it on my way too and from town, so over the last couple of months I have found a few things that I have my eye on. Nola is a shop which stocks sustainable fashion and homeware which is also why I want to point my loved ones to buy from them as I know everything they stock are pieces I have wanted for a while so are not impulse purchases and also it supports a local independent store which quite frankly I don’t think I could live with out.

  1. Amber by Laboratory Perfumes - £65

I discovered this perfume at Nola's first late night shop opening and have become addicted to the smell. My personal favourite is Amber (although there are others to choose from.) I get so many compliments when I wear this scent. It such a beautifully rich but musky smell. I’m pretty sure it is a unisex smell so could be gifted to anyone who wants to smell divine!

Nola are currently doing an offer where you get a free Laboratory perfume travel set when you buy a candle and perfume together - don’t mind if I do!



  1. Trainers by Spring Court. £95

I spied these in the store a few months ago and LOVE the uniqueness of the lightening bolt on the side of the trainer. These would be a perfect replacement for an old pair of high tops I have which have now got a hole in the sole. If I don’t find these under the tree this year, they might have to be something I treat myself to in the new year!!


  1. James Wilson Phone Case - £22

I am a hugeeee fan of Brighton-based James Wilson’s work. I really love the simplicity of his line drawings. This design I actually have as a print in my home so when I saw the phone case in Nola I knew it was going straight on my wish list. Again, a great way to support a local shop and independent artist whose work I admire.


  1. Decanter by Sagaform - £30

This decanter is like a piece of art. My boyfriend and I love to host dinner parties, I think this beautifully shaped decanter would make such an amazing statement piece on the table or even if it is just a date night for us to use whist eating a home cooked meal. This decanter would just make it feel even more special.


  1. Jacket by Selected Femme - £110

This jacket by Selected Femme can be dressed up or down, could be paired with a thick jumper in the winter months or with a t-shirt in the summer months so I know it will be a key piece in my wardrobe through out the year.

I also saw this super soft burgundy jumper which looks amazing underneath it … I wonder how good I’ve been this year…


  1. Necklaces

The inscriptions on the back of these necklaces melt my heart. I have had my eye on them for a while but...

“We part to meet again”


“Friendship unites us”

...Isnt really something you can buy yourself, so I’m popping them on my wish list incase any one wants to buy me something a little more meaningful.


  1. Kings Of Indigo - sweat shirt - £100

These two pieces have both been featured in Nola’s shop window and both of them have made me stop in my tracks when walking past. I love the colours and the text across the chest. I cant choose between the two so have popped both on my wishlist for someone else to make the decision for me. Sweat shirts are again something that can be worn all year long. Whether it is with jeans in the winter or to throw on with shorts on a cool summer evening.


  1. Nola Workshop!

I love “doing” gifts and being given an experience rather then an item. I saw this advertised and didn't sign up, I then saw all the pictures from the workshop of everyone's amazing home knitted blankets and really wish I had, which is why I am popping this on my wish list. You get to learn a new skill and take something you’ve made home with you.

I’ve spoken to the girls in Nola and apparently there are more workshops before Christmas and in the New Year! Whenever they are I hope I have been signed up for one!

I hope you liked my wishlist and that it has given you a few ideas of what to ask for on your own wish list or maybe what you could get for someone else.


Happy shopping and hope you have a wonderful festive time.


Rosie xx

Thanks again, Rosie. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! If you'd like to read more of Rosie's thoughts, check out her blog here. You can also follow her on Instagram and Twitter.