Davids Natural Toothpaste

In 2011, Eric David Buss began looking into the ingredients being used in the toothpaste he was using, and found that many of the ingredients were unhealthy. Unhappy with the alternatives that were available, the 'simple' idea of making his own toothpaste was formed. A four-year obsession to develop the very best natural toothpaste possible followed and in 2015 Davids was launched. Through exhaustive research with industry experts, Eric were able to identify the best natural ingredients to safely and effectively fight to remove plaque, whiten teeth, and freshen breath.

Eric didn’t like how “Erics Toothpaste” sounded, so he decided to use his middle name instead. Also, as a small family business, Davids was up against the corporate “Goliaths” of the toothpaste industry, so worked this way as well!