French shoe designers Kleman were established a the end of World War Two when shoemaker René Cléon was released from a German POW camp and set up a workshop in his home. Building a factory, they made traditional Kneipp shoes. 

In the seventies, his sons Jacques and Louis-Marie diversified the factory's output and in the 80s they launched the Kleman (Cléon Manufacturing) brand. Renouned for their security, quality and durability, they became a trusted supplier to a range of public administrations - the SNCF, Air France, Fire Departments and even the Army.

Today, Kleman have survived by being beyond trends - their raw and authentic unisex style going beyond fashion. Their Padror design, unchanged since the 80s, has gone from being a sober and functional workers' shoe to an iconic classic, dressing stylish urbanites around the world.