Golden Strand Candle (120g)
Golden Strand Candle (120g)
Ophelia Candles

Golden Strand Candle (120g)

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Ophelia Candles Golden Strand in 120g. A blend of jasmine, galbanum and grapefruit.

The Golden Strand candle features a blend of jasmine for its sleep-enhancing, stress-reducing properties, galbanum for improved resperation and grapefruit, which is both mood-balancing and atibacterial.

The sweet, tangy top note of grapefruit combines with the sweet, aromatic middle note of jasmine and the woody, spicy green base note of galbanum to produce a uniquely refreshing and earthy scent.

Ophelia candles are hand poured with 100% natural ingredients, using soy wax, 20% essential oils and organic cotton wicks, presented in unique handcrafted boxes and finished with a vegan-friendly, plant-based stamp.