Toit Volant

Toit Volant designer Alnea Farahbella was raised in California by her Filipino grandparents. After graduating from college, she spent the next decade in Asia, living in Japan, Malaysia and Vietnam. The different cultures, arts, music, philosophies, lifestyles, traditions, ceremonies she encountered on her travels allowed her to redefine and reinvent her idea of beauty. 

The first Toit Volant mini collection was launched in 2017. Visiting manufacturers around Los Angeles led to frustration about the lack of cultivation of technical talent and skill in the city and the conditions under which workers were employed. She started a small workshop called Nan Atelier with a focus on promoting skills, providing a good working environment and paying a decent living wage to her machinists and technicians.

These ethical standards extend to the garments produced by Toit Volant. Owning their own factory allows for them to be careful with the use of resources, utilising what they have to its highest potential.