Untitled in Motion

New York Label Untitled in Motion was established in 2020 as an ever-evolving collaboration between designers Marika Kandelaki and Virginia Craddock. They approach design as an artist might approach a canvas, through an emphasis on print and colour, with thoughtful consideration of the silhouette and fabric. 

The collections are inspired by dream states, surrealist imagery, architecture, and artistic references such as the arches and shadows of de Chirico, light play of Dora Maar, the sky of Magritte, whimsical trompe l'oeil costumes of Elsa Chiaparelli, cutouts of Matisse and the strange dreamscapes of Kay Sage.

Untitled in Motion is produced with sustainability top of mind. Having searched for a super luxe fabric that was durable enough to wash and wear a lot and was made from eco-friendly, breathable fibres, they chose TENCEL™ Luxe. Derived from renewable wood sources in a closed loop process, TENCEL™ Luxe is a Lyocell filament yarn that has a liquid-like drape and a colour vibrancy that is perfect for their limited edition prints. They digitally print their designs to reduce water waste and use non-toxic dyes.