Belides Claw
Winona Irene

Belides Claw

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Winona Irene Belides Claw.

Winona Irene set out to design the most magical claw they could, and this is the result! Named for Belides, a forest nymph who transformed herself into a daisy to escape unwanted affection. A design to celebrate independence and serve as a reminder to follow your intuition. Pale lavender blue stones, sparkling crystal clear acetate and a butterfly shaped handle add an extra touch of detail to the brand's signature floral inlay claws. 

Approximately 4 inches in diameter.

100% cellulose acetate.

Please note: Due to the nature of the material, each hair accessory will have differences in colour and pattern. Each hair accessory is made from individually cut pieces of cellulose acetate. Each one is unique!