Ampersand Fragrances - British niche fragrances produced differently.

Ampersand Fragrances was created by a Designer & a Perfumer who shared a simple vision. They wanted to create a brand which was all about an exploration of fragrance without distraction. The collection is intentionally simple in its aesthetics – equal in appearance and manufactured with ethics in mind.

They curate a line of high-end fragrances that prioritise simplicity and elegance. Ampersand products are designed to be environmentally conscious, with a focus on reducing plastic consumption. They strive to use recycled materials whenever possible and are proud to offer products that are 99.3% plastic-free.

Their team is committed to the creation of the highest quality Eau de Parfums, which they achieve through a meticulous process of maceration and cold filtration. Each bottle is poured by hand in small batches in the UK. An unwavering commitment to exceptional quality and craftsmanship is what sets Ampersand apart in the industry of niche perfumery.