UP-UP Chocolate

With UP-UP, you can be sure that the chocolate not only tastes good but it IS good. Great Chocolate. No Downside.

UP-UP want to turn the world of chocolate on its head. They are dedicated to a human-first industry. The world's first 100% certified slave-free and child labour-free chocolate, the cocoa is grown on a single-estate plantation in Colombia where all the workers are employees rather than smallholders so have contracts, holiday pay, set minimum wages and a legal framework within which they work. The cocoa is processed in a family run plant in Bogotá, Columbia, keeping more of the wealth of the product in the origin site, and shipped directly to UP-UP's Edinburgh waterside factory, where their chocolatiers develop recipes, temper the couverture, flavour it and craft it into moulds before packaging into bars, ready for you.